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** PokerCoder 9 Announcement **


As many of you are aware, PokerCoder 9 (PC9) is well overdue. This was brought about by a combination of work loads on my part and economic pressures on Adobe’s part. I have had a number of you contacting me recently asking when PC9 would be and this prompted me to meet with Adobe last week to discuss the next event.

Adobe were quite clear on their position: The finance and the return on investment are no longer there for them. They have therefore declined to sponsor any further events directly. It is possible that they will give us some prizes but even that isn’t agreed at this point. So for the time being we will discount further Adobe involvement in PokerCoder.


This all ended very amicably and I should like to take the opportunity to thank the Adobe team, and Robin Charney in particular, for their sponsorship and support in running PokerCoder for the last couple of years. Without them, PokerCoder might never have gotten off the ground.


We have over 500 members in the PokerCoder community and we have around 100 people turn up to every event. Mostly because we can’t fit any more in and carry out the event in the time allotted. We share the common ground of being developers and designers in the Adobe software community and there is no reason that PokerCoder shouldn’t continue with a different, or multiple sponsors.

Indeed, Adobe’s criteria for PokerCoder membership has become very strict, in line with their sponsorship requirements and with this not being the case any more I will be able to open the membership criteria up a little more to include other development and creative categories. Additionally, Adobe were not in a position to offer things like cash tournaments or cash prizes and this will now also be an option.

There will be many new opportunities and we will be looking for new sponsorship from now on. Indeed, if any of you know of potential sponsors (the Sky guys have mentioned that Sky may be interested and Microsoft have also expressed an interest for example) then please contact me and let me know ( You won’t have to do any leg work. We’ll contact them directly. We’ll keep you updated as we get a short list.


I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you all that we DO NOT GIVE OUT OUR MEMBERS DETAILS to anyone who sponsors this event (so generally recruitment agents are not interested in sponsorship).


We are excited about the possibilities and the new directions we can now take PokerCoder in and we certainly welcome all and any suggestions regarding any element of what we do (or don’t do). Tell us if you like the venue, if you want different types of prizes, particular sponsors, something you’d like to see at the events, something you’d like to see less of at the events, etc.

Keep watching this space and don’t forget you can follow all the immediate updates by following our twitter feed (

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