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Adobe PokerCoder 8 – The Results

Firstly a ‘hooray’ to all those who came along. It was an excellent night and everyone seemed to really enjoy the poker, the company and of course the booze.

Now for a ‘boo’ to all those who didn’t turn up and didn’t bother to tell us. There are always a few who legitimately can’t make it at the last minute, but there were some 20 people who subscribed, didn’t turn up and didn’t bother letting us know (you know who you are). There were a lot of people I turned down entry to purely because we were over subscribed and more still on the standby list who really wanted to attend. Can I remind those who didn’t turn up and didn’t tell us, to show some consideration for others who would gladly take your place. In the future please let us know if you cannot attend. It only takes a quick email or a phone call.

So, on to the night. Well I started off well, winning a few carefully selected hands. Andy Hood was always drumming in to me that with so many beginners you have to play conservatively, don’t try to bluff and only represent the hands you actually have because beginners will bet on anything. I remembered this and started to pick up some chips. I was even smart enough to fold a pair of Aces on the turn when I read that the other player had a full house. One of the beginners was Drew (he runs the Adobe Flex London User Group). Having flopped quad Jacks in one hand and then quad Kings in the next he declared that he didn’t know what all the fuss was about winning a simple hand of poker. On his next hand I put him on a low pair on the flop, though his belligerent betting suggested otherwise. With a K+A in my hand and nothing on the flop I decided to bet hard and push him off the pot and I raised 1000 on the turn. That was my mistake. I knew I might get a K or an A on the river (not very likely as the river hates me) but I figured that betting hard against a novice with a stack of chips the size of a border collie would be enough to scare him off my bluff…you can see my mistake now can’t you. Oblivious to any unwritten rules, etiquette, statistics, game play or common sense, he went all in. Needless to say, I compounded my error by calling only to find out that I was right, he’d flopped a pair of 8s, the lowest pair on the table, but still better than my big fat A+K nothing. Damn my risk bias disposition and my insane need to try to bluff beginners!

So, the winners of last night’s toury were:

1. Karl Bunyan

PokerCoder 8 winner - Karl Bunyan

2. Katie Marcus (special mention as this was her first PokerCoder)

3. Paras Sheth

4. Alejandro Giraldo Nino

5. Robin Harrison

6. Kim Holland

7. Cinderella (you left the ball without giving me your name) – No prize for you then

8. Tom Vian

9. Oleg Filipchuk

10. Sebastian Kassier

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