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PRIZE ALERT: iPod Nano 16Gb for my scalp

I suppose I’ve just gotten tired of making the same old death threats to people who put me out, so I thought I’d make a karmic adjustment. Care of my company (Logic Bureau) I’m giving away a top of the range, brand new, 16Gb iPod Nano as a prize for whom ever manages the incredibly difficult task of putting me out of the competition on the 9th. It’ll even be engraved as such so you can taunt me with it at every event there after.

Anyone who’s been to the last 2 or 3 of these events will know that this prize could go before I even take my seat. So in many respects it’s a lottery to see if you’re at my table. However, I’m feeling good about this one. I’m not going out early this time and I think the idea of a shiny prize for knocking me out of the competition will make more of you play more loosely, giving me a better chance of making it past the first 10 out and winning one of my own Loser shirts 🙁

The new iPod Nano is a sexy little minx. Go check it out.

Bring it on suckers!

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