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PokerCoder 7 is here!!!!

Roll up, roll up. The log awaited Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament, PokerCoder 7, is finally here and this time we’ve got a couple of special extras for you. The event is in 3 weeks time on Tuesday February 9th at our regular venue the Loose Cannon Poker Club in EC4. A short walk from Canon Street and Bank tube stations. Places are limited so be quick.

So aside from the free event, the free booze, the networking, the prizes laid on by Adobe, the opportunity to outwit and humiliate your peers, the possibility of winning the love and admiration of all and the ALPT bracelet, what else could we possibly have that was special and extra?

I’m glad you asked. Firstly John Davey, the organizer of Flash on the Beach, will be in attendance and he has very generously given us two tickets for FOTB10 to give away. FOTB10 is on in September this year from the 26th to the 29th. If you’ve not been to FOTB before then believe me, you want to go. It is one of the premier events in the world for Flash platform developers and designers. You will be inspired all day by some of the best experts in the industry and you will party all night with some of the best people in the industry

But that’s not all. A large number of Adobe Evangelists (I believe the term is a whoop of Evangelists) are over in the UK that week and so far 6 have confirmed they are attending, so not only will you get to meet the Adobe rockstars and ask them awkward questions about bugs, new features, best practices and impending releases, you’ll also be able to take their money and ask them exactly what they actually do, and all of this while they are drunk. I think there will be lot’s of ’special report’ blog posts going out the next day ;)

We’re also putting a bounty on them. And before you get out your black suit and 12 inch hunting knife, I DON’T mean we want them dead. The person who knocks out the most Evangelists will win a special prize. Once again I would reiterate that we mean from the competition, not physically.

IMPORTANT: A number of you have told me that you don’t attend because you don’t know how to play poker or you’re not very good. I think it’s fair to say that if these were legitimate reasons then I would have to stop going myself. This even was set up as a fun event for everyone. There are many beginners at every tournament and the club and the dealers are well aware of this. There is 15 minutes of basic training before the tournament starts and the dealers are on hand to help you every step of the way. You risk no money at all and stand to learn the game amongst friends and colleagues and win Adobe prizes even if you’re just lucky (and believe me, it’s usually the beginners who put most people out). So, please don’t be put off by a lack of knowledge. Poker is a game of wits, courage and a little luck. It’s more about the chips than the cards. If you want to see how your friends perform under stress or see if you can out wit (bluff) them or you just love strategy games then you’re going to love this game.

In the mean time might I recommend looking at any of the Texas Holdem poker sites for beginners tips. There are loads. We will also be giving you a crib sheet of all the best hands.

I never get tired of saying this: This event is for Application developers, RIA developers / designers and Adobe web professionals ONLY. If you don’t even come close then please don’t register to enter. The prizes are Adobe specific and you’ll only be depriving some poor designer of photoshop if you end up on the final table. We’ve turned a tolerant blind eye in the past but it’s started to get out of hand and Adobe are rightly insisting that this does not continue. If you are not a professional developer or designer, or you do not do a role that is approved by Adobe for this event then you will be turned away. Don’t worry, in registering you will be told if there is a problem with your role.

Finally, can I please ask that you come LOOKING like poker players. Hats and sunglasses – the more outrageous the better. I’m sure we can russel up a prize if you’ve gone out of your way 😉

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