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Adobe London PokerTournament VI – the RESULTS

The event went very well as usual. I possibly drank a teensy weensy bit more than I should have, but I blame the the clubs new batch of beautiful Eastern European waitresses, who kept plying me with JD’s. I thought it was just me, but apparently Dr Love was as bad. Of course the difference in age showed the next morning with me having the hangover from hell and Dr Love just feeling like he was still a bit drunk – grrrr.

On a celebrity note, John Davey (the founder / organiser of Flash on the Beach) was there to show his support and he’s given us 2 tickets to FotB to give away and some exclusive FotB Tshirts, which won’t be available until Fotb on the 20th but some of you lucky winners will get yours in the post in the next week 😀

The Adobe support was great as usual with Gemma and Andrew in great form. Our thanks to Robin Charney from Adobe who couldn’t be there on the night but who gave us the greatest box of crap I’ve seen from Adobe in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a critisism. On the contrary, the crap-in-a-box that we get at every event is for our first 10 losers as booby prizes and there is some truley collectible Adobe schwag in there (way more interesting that the winner’s prizes 😉 ).

True to form, I sat down at my chosen table last, having finished my announcements and introductions. The people at my table gave a collective sigh. Not one of admiration, but one of “oh God, he’s the organiser. He’s going to kick our asses”. I calmly advised them that this was never the case, with smile that said ‘see you on the final table sucker’. Then I promptly went out in joint 10th place. No. Not 10th in the tournament. I was the 10th person to get knocked out of the tournament and if it weren’t for the fact that I was joint 10th, I should have had to wear a Loser’s T shirt home 🙁

But on to happier things. The Winners.

1. Nicolas Soucaille
2. Jens Meijer
3. Jolyon Russ
4. Romain Gemon
5. Jeremy Adrian Quinton
6. David Fowkes
7. Nigel Quashie
8. Thomas Vian
9. Andy Bryant (1st time at Pokercoder – a special well done)
10.Michael Potts

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