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Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – RESULTS

Well it didn’t all go exactly according to plan this time. I guess it can’t go perfectly every time. Adobe were a little thin on the ground at the tournament. They are usually very well represented but Andrew Shorten stood in well for them all. I had to cut short all announcements because neither of the Casino microphones worked, so there’s a lot of stuff I’ll be announcing via the blog here over the next few weeks, so check in regularly.

Unfortunately none of the Standard, Winner and Loser T shirts turned up this time, so for those of you who won or lost, we’ll be sending you the Ts in the post (provided the addresses I have for you on the PokerCoder database are correct).

I am proud to say that I was NOT the first person out this time. That dubious honor went to Jamie Badman, who on this night, did NOT live up to his name. I did in fact post a respectable bit of play and would have done well if it weren’t for “the excellent play of a gentleman called Jiten Pitamber”. And by ‘excellent play’ I of course mean ‘stroke of dumb luck’ and by ‘gentleman’ I of course mean ‘moron’. LOL, no, not really. It was a great hand of poker, probably one of the best head to heads of the night, and for those of you who want to learn more about poker, it’s called a ‘Bad Beat’ and here’s what happened:

I drew A,7. The flop brought 7,A,4 so I had 2 pairs straight away and I raised A LOT. Jiten obviously figured he had a fair chance with his hand, so he called. I figured he had to have an Ace to call me. The turn brought another A and I had a full house (Aces full of 7s), so I raised quite hard, figuring he now had a pair of Aces and was probably feeling rather confident about his chances, but not wanting to put him off giving me lots more of his chips. He went all in. Excellent, he fell for my trap, I’ve got a full house. At best he’s got 3 Aces. So I went all in to. We threw our cards on their backs and Jiten had A,Q giving him trip Aces and a Q. At this point I was very confident that I had him but I could see why he’d bet so hard. I bet he couldn’t believe it when I turned over a full house against his trip Aces. What are the odds of that? However, as I have mentioned before… I HATE THE FUCKIN’ RIVER. The river brought a Q and he suddenly had a better full house than I did. What are the odds of THAT? I almost peed my pants. But it was a good fight while it lasted and great entertainment for all those on the table. Well, sometimes you get the Bear and sometimes the Bear gets you.

So I spent the rest of the night socialising with the great crowd of Adobe professionals that always turn up to PokerCoder, and randomly awarding myself spot prizes for the worst bad beat of the night.


Losers (starting with Dead Last)

1. Jamie Badman
2. Tero Pickla
3. Don Thomas
4. Mike Stratford
5. Andrew Ottolina
6. Richard Lord
7. Dom McAdden
8. Dele Ajayi
9. Neil Duggan
10. Robin Harrison

Now it might seem mean to publicly list the losers, however, these lucky few will receive the much covetted ‘Loser’ Tshirts. I get asked more about the Loser Ts than I do about the Winner Ts. Go figure.

Winners (placed and prizes)

1. Aminul Islam (Adobe Production Suite CS4, Ticket to Max in Milan and the winner’s bracelet)
2. Jens Mejers (Adobe After Effects CS4)
3. Mitesh Jadav (Adobe After Effects CS4)
4. Alan Jeeves (Adobe Flash CS4)
5. Thomas Vian (Adobe Flash CS4)
6. Tomas Vorobjov (Adobe After Effects CS4)
7. Ian Lobb (Adobe Photoshop CS4)
8. Paulo Reg (Adobe Flash CS4)
9. George Bridgman (Adobe Photoshop CS4)
10. Darren Cronin (Adobe After Effects CS4)

There were lots of war stories being told by the latter half of the night and everyone seemed to be having a great time and getting a little more drunk than usual (myself included). I did get a lot of comments though that most people preferred the Loose Cannon poker club to the Casino and I’ll talk to Adobe about keeping it there more often.

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