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Adobe London Poker Tournament – Last Few Places

Roll up, roll up. But do it quick. We are just a few places away from being fully booked, so if you’d like the chance to come to the Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament next Tuesday then get over to the site and register straight away.

If we have any members who didn’t receive their Member’s Notification email then please email me ( and let me know. I suspect there may be an issue with the member’s notification system but it’s a difficult one to track down with out the members help.

A quick ‘hi’ to all those people I met at Flash on the Beach, though it was amazing to see just how many people either didn’t know about the PokerCoder events or who thought you had to know how to play poker to come along. I would ask you all, if you have a blog, then please blog on the event if you’ve attended. This brings more suckers in, uh, I mean, players, eh-hem, and encourages greater and continued sponsorship.

Also, if you’ve never played poker before then this event is specifically for you. We have the club instructed that most of our players are beginners. We have 15 minutes training at the beginning and easily 50% of the attendiees use that. Invariably the final table is full of beginners as anyone who has played before has already gone out as a direct result of trying to bluff a beginner. I know, I’m usually one of them. As I say, easily 50% of our players are beginners or complete novices, so come along and give it a go. It’s free, so is the beer and you get to meet truley nice people (players and sponsors)

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