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Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – BACK ON – 14th October

Prepare to be vigorously Pokered. Ok, so now I can finally reveal that the PokerCoder event was postponed to allow CS4 to be released first. This means that you can all fight for brand new CS4 products if you get to the final table. With the tournament champion getting his/her choice of CS4 Creative Suites. How awesome is that!

Put October 14th in your diary. For all my regulars (could I sound more like a hooker?), those of you who meet Adobe’s fairly strict criteria should have already received an invite to the tournament. If you have attended before and you haven’t then email me and I’ll check it out.

If you’re new to PokerCoder events, then sign up quick. They’re free, you get to meet many talented peers, network and drink free beer. You will receive tutoring on how to play texas hold ’em poker (it’s very easy) and if you make it to the final table then you’ll get prizes to. Everyone enjoys the event. It’s very informal and it’s great to meet many of the people who’s blogs you read or who’s company you’d like to work for. It’s a chance to exchange ideas, talk to the sponsors about their software and play some damn fine poker

At PokerCoder careers are improved, friendships are forged, prizes are won, fun is had, beer is drunk, IQs are flexed and sheep are dressed in leather. Oh, no, actually that last one is a different event

The event is being held at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino off Edgware Rd. Check the site for directions and a map. If you attended the very first PokerCoder event last year then you’ll have already been to the casino and more importantly, you’ll already be a member.

IMPORTANT: I can’t stress this enough – When you come to the casino, if you are already a member then there should be no problem (bring your membership card, though you might get in without it), BUT if you are NOT a member, you WILL NEED PHOTO ID to get in. I can do nothing about it if you turn up without membership or photo ID, so don’t forget it (Passport or photo Driving Licence). The casino are very strict about this. If you want to know more then contact the Casino directly. Their phone number is on the PokerCoder event site under ‘LOCATION’.

See you all at the tournament. I’ll be the one NOT going out first this time.

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