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Poker Chip Tricks 1 – Chip Shuffle

So you have a pair of Jacks. The guy opposite you is wearing a cowboy hat, shades and a month of stubble. You can’t see his eyes but you know he’s staring into your head. You start to think that inside he’s laughing because he knows what you’ve got, but on the out side he is cold and calculating. You raise and he re-raises, without hesitation. While he watches you sweat he starts to shuffle his chips with one hand, split the single stack into two and reshuffle them again with one hand. He seems to do it so easily and almost without thinking. How does he do that? It’s really cool, but intimidating at the same time. I wish I could do that. But the chinking of the chips is getting louder in your ears and you start to question your hand. He must be good. Look at the way he shuffles those chips. You fold. He laughs at your weakness with contempt as he starts to take your chips and shows you his 2 7 off suit.

Beaten by a chip trickster. Well no more! No longer will you have to loose the girl because you’re scared of a chip bully kicking chip tricks in your face, and other such crap, shoehorned analogies. We will teach you the ways of the chip trickster. Starting with a great video from a fat bloke called skd1337 who looks for all the world like Mike Jones‘ stunt double. Don’t be fooled, this guy knows his stuff.

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