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** PokerCoder 9 Announcement **


As many of you are aware, PokerCoder 9 (PC9) is well overdue. This was brought about by a combination of work loads on my part and economic pressures on Adobe’s part. I have had a number of you contacting me recently asking when PC9 would be and this prompted me to meet with Adobe last week to discuss the next event.

Adobe were quite clear on their position: The finance and the return on investment are no longer there for them. They have therefore declined to sponsor any further events directly. It is possible that they will give us some prizes but even that isn’t agreed at this point. So for the time being we will discount further Adobe involvement in PokerCoder.


This all ended very amicably and I should like to take the opportunity to thank the Adobe team, and Robin Charney in particular, for their sponsorship and support in running PokerCoder for the last couple of years. Without them, PokerCoder might never have gotten off the ground.


We have over 500 members in the PokerCoder community and we have around 100 people turn up to every event. Mostly because we can’t fit any more in and carry out the event in the time allotted. We share the common ground of being developers and designers in the Adobe software community and there is no reason that PokerCoder shouldn’t continue with a different, or multiple sponsors.

Indeed, Adobe’s criteria for PokerCoder membership has become very strict, in line with their sponsorship requirements and with this not being the case any more I will be able to open the membership criteria up a little more to include other development and creative categories. Additionally, Adobe were not in a position to offer things like cash tournaments or cash prizes and this will now also be an option.

There will be many new opportunities and we will be looking for new sponsorship from now on. Indeed, if any of you know of potential sponsors (the Sky guys have mentioned that Sky may be interested and Microsoft have also expressed an interest for example) then please contact me and let me know ( You won’t have to do any leg work. We’ll contact them directly. We’ll keep you updated as we get a short list.


I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you all that we DO NOT GIVE OUT OUR MEMBERS DETAILS to anyone who sponsors this event (so generally recruitment agents are not interested in sponsorship).


We are excited about the possibilities and the new directions we can now take PokerCoder in and we certainly welcome all and any suggestions regarding any element of what we do (or don’t do). Tell us if you like the venue, if you want different types of prizes, particular sponsors, something you’d like to see at the events, something you’d like to see less of at the events, etc.

Keep watching this space and don’t forget you can follow all the immediate updates by following our twitter feed (

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Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Think you’re good enough to take down the founder and organizer of PokerCoder? Think you’re good enough to win the 16GB iPod Nano that Logic Bureau have put up as the price on his head? This is his message to you!

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PRIZE ALERT: iPod Nano 16Gb for my scalp

I suppose I’ve just gotten tired of making the same old death threats to people who put me out, so I thought I’d make a karmic adjustment. Care of my company (Logic Bureau) I’m giving away a top of the range, brand new, 16Gb iPod Nano as a prize for whom ever manages the incredibly difficult task of putting me out of the competition on the 9th. It’ll even be engraved as such so you can taunt me with it at every event there after.

Anyone who’s been to the last 2 or 3 of these events will know that this prize could go before I even take my seat. So in many respects it’s a lottery to see if you’re at my table. However, I’m feeling good about this one. I’m not going out early this time and I think the idea of a shiny prize for knocking me out of the competition will make more of you play more loosely, giving me a better chance of making it past the first 10 out and winning one of my own Loser shirts 🙁

The new iPod Nano is a sexy little minx. Go check it out.

Bring it on suckers!

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ALPT VI – Are you in?

Ok, so obviously there are problems with sending out a bulk email to over 400 members which has the word “POKER” in the title. This leads to all sorts of ISP spam alarms and local firewall filters firing off, not to mention that your email client often sticks your advanced event registration notification straight in your junk folder, even if you do receive it. We are working on a solution but this is not straight forward. In the mean time if you follow us on Twitter you will be told without fail as soon as you should have received such things, so please, please follow us.

Another problem seems to exist: People do receive their advanced members registration notification. They click “yes” to confirm their attendance (presumably they see the CONFIRMATION page afterwards – if not, please let us know) and then we DON’T see their entry appearing in our database. So, I’m going to publish a list of names of those attending, which I will update daily. I think this will be a useful piece of transparency, as if you have clicked that you will be attending and you do not see your name, you can notify us and we can trouble shoot the problem AND put you back on the list.

Final list:

  1. abe azam
  2. AJ Silvers
  3. Ajeet Dyondi
  4. Alam Gill
  5. alan jeeves
  6. Alasdair McLeay
  7. Alejandro Giraldo
  8. Andrea Ottolina
  9. andrew coates
  10. Andrew Porter
  11. Andrew Shorten
  12. Andy Bryant
  13. Andy Hayes
  14. Andy Smith
  15. Anthony McCormick
  16. Antonio De Donatis
  17. Attila Miklosi
  18. Badr Luqman
  19. Barry Shaw
  20. Ben Doran
  21. Ben Goode
  22. Braam Genis
  23. Byron Manley
  24. Carlos Roman
  25. charlene higgins
  26. Chris Ellis
  27. Chris Linseman
  28. Christopher William Sees
  29. Colin Miller
  30. Daniel Love
  31. daniel mountford
  32. Daniel Tenner
  33. Daniel Wood
  34. Danny Burnside
  35. Darren Brown
  36. Darren Cronin
  37. David Burrows
  38. David Caygill
  39. David Fowkes
  40. Demian Braithwaite
  41. Divesh Premdeep
  42. Dominic Crowhurst
  43. Dominic McAdden
  44. eamonn faherty
  45. Elin Sjursen
  46. Emma Wilkinson
  47. Ernesto Quezada
  48. Etienne Mercuriali
  49. Filippo Angelini
  50. George Bridgeman
  51. George Medve
  52. Gishantha de Silva
  53. Greg Fleming
  54. hamza ahmad
  55. Iain Lobb
  56. Irvin Suntokee
  57. Jamie Badman
  58. Jens Meijer
  59. Jeremy Adrian Quinton
  60. Jethro Grassie
  61. Jo Pearce
  62. Joe Lister
  63. John Cotterell
  64. John Davies
  65. john racle
  66. Jolyon Russ
  67. Jonathan Craig
  68. Karim Salah
  69. Karl Bunyan
  70. Kevin Bahadoor
  71. Kelvin Luck
  72. Kevin Robertson
  73. Kim Holland
  74. Kirna Koria
  75. Liz Myers
  76. Leon Mills
  77. Louis Biggs
  78. Mark Dooney
  79. Mark Stanley
  80. Martin Burke
  81. Matthew Don
  82. Mathieu Labey
  83. Matt Conn
  84. Matt Cooper
  85. Matt Sutherland
  86. Matthew Press
  87. Michael Hayes
  88. Michael Potts
  89. Miguel Sanchez
  90. Mikko Tormala
  91. Mitesh Jadav
  92. Neil Bennett
  93. Neil Duggan
  94. Niall McCormack
  95. Nick Gerig
  96. Nick Grimshaw
  97. Nick Kuh
  98. Nick lockington
  99. nicolas soucaille
  100. Nigel Quashie
  101. Oliver Loftus
  102. Patryk Seredynski
  103. Paul Dering
  104. Paul Evans
  105. Paul Johal
  106. Paul Ormandy
  107. Paulo Rego
  108. Peter Hall
  109. Peter Keating
  110. Rasmus Knutsson
  111. Rich Clark
  112. Richard Leggett
  113. Richard Lord
  114. Ritchie Fisher
  115. Rob Bateman
  116. rob gibson
  117. Rob Hinchcliffe
  118. Rob Lewis
  119. Robert McCardle
  120. Robert McMichael
  121. Robert Thurston
  122. Robin Charney
  123. Robin Harrison
  124. Rui Cruz
  125. Roland Swingler
  126. Romain Gemon
  127. Ross Freeman
  128. Saumitra Dubey
  129. Sean Hakansson
  130. sean mcsharry
  131. Sebastian Kassier
  132. Sebastien BenMBarek
  133. seetharamaraju vadlamudi
  134. Shaun Pearce
  135. Simon Baynes
  136. Simon Knowles
  137. Stephen Pearce
  138. Stephen Rose
  139. Steve Rigelsford
  140. Stuart Gleave
  141. Stuart Lees
  142. Surya Kona
  143. Tero Pikala
  144. Thomas Newton
  145. Thomas Vian
  146. Tom Chislett
  147. Tim Wilson
  148. Tomas Vorobjov
  149. Vanja Spremo
  150. victor woode
  151. Vladimir Exil
  152. Wai Man
  153. Yasmin Fostok
  154. yates buckley
  155. Yuk Fung Allan Au
  156. Zoltan Bornemissza

If you clicked to attend and you’re not on it then email me

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Adobe London Poker Tourny VI – REGISTRATION OPEN

If you’re not a member of PokerCoder or you’ve never been to a PokerCoder event, then now’s your chance. Go to and then to the Registration page. Fill out all your details and provided you qualify under the sponsors restrictions, you’ll be attending the adobe web professional poker tournament in the UK, and it’s FREE

It all kicks off at 7pm sharpe. There will be up to 100 entrants and Adobe are supplying all the prizes. The first 50 entrants get ALPT VI event Tshirts. It’s an incredible opportunity to network with peers, potential employers and Adobe representatives. This is the place to meet fellow professionals and ask questions and the free beer makes it even easier 😉

The first 10 people out get special LOSER Tshirts and their choice of old Adobe crap, uh, sorry, I mean rustic, antique, collector’s crap, uh, swag. Wow, awkward.

The final 10 on the final table get special WINNERS Tshirts and will be offered the Adobe Web Suite point product of their choice (see the Prizes page on the site).

The tournament champion will get a suite of their choice, the champion’s bracelet and a ticket to Flash on the Beach which is a couple of weeks later.

Adobe are putting a considerable tab behind the bar which will open at 7:30pm. The whole event usually finishes a little before midnight and for those who like the idea of cash games we usually put some cash tables on later in the evening.

To learn all about what’s happening and where, go to the website. To be kept updated on what’s going on with PokerCoder events, in real time, I strongly suggest that you follow the PokerCoder Twitter as well.

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MEMBERS – Max Discount code coming your way

If you are an existing member of PokerCoder then you will shortly be receiving a member’s notification via email of a discount code that Adobe have issued to me, exclusively for PokerCoder members for Max in Milan. This is from the 1st to the 3rd of December. I will be going myself as some of the speakers are to good to miss and of course the Italian food and women aren’t bad either. And in case you ladies aren’t convinced by this, check out the Italian men.

Please let me know if you still haven’t received your email notification by the weekend and I’ll email you directly with the discount code if you’re on the PokerCoder database.

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URGENT – Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – POSTPONED

Adobe have requested that we postpone the next PokerCoder tournament, scheduled for the 18th of this month. This is because Adobe have a business requirement which must now take president. We will be rescheduling the event for October and I will announce the date and venue as soon as I confirm it later in the week.

Stand by for poker.

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