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Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – RESULTS

Well it didn’t all go exactly according to plan this time. I guess it can’t go perfectly every time. Adobe were a little thin on the ground at the tournament. They are usually very well represented but Andrew Shorten stood in well for them all. I had to cut short all announcements because neither of the Casino microphones worked, so there’s a lot of stuff I’ll be announcing via the blog here over the next few weeks, so check in regularly.

Unfortunately none of the Standard, Winner and Loser T shirts turned up this time, so for those of you who won or lost, we’ll be sending you the Ts in the post (provided the addresses I have for you on the PokerCoder database are correct).

I am proud to say that I was NOT the first person out this time. That dubious honor went to Jamie Badman, who on this night, did NOT live up to his name. I did in fact post a respectable bit of play and would have done well if it weren’t for “the excellent play of a gentleman called Jiten Pitamber”. And by ‘excellent play’ I of course mean ‘stroke of dumb luck’ and by ‘gentleman’ I of course mean ‘moron’. LOL, no, not really. It was a great hand of poker, probably one of the best head to heads of the night, and for those of you who want to learn more about poker, it’s called a ‘Bad Beat’ and here’s what happened: Read more

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If you are attending the Adobe sponsored PokerCoder Tournament tonight at the Grosvenor casino, don’t forget YOU MUST HAVE PHOTO ID IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE MEMBERSHIP. A passport or photo driving licence are the only acceptable forms of ID. Obviously if you are already a member of a Grosvenor casino then you’ll be fine. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THIS ID YOU WON’T GET IN and there’s nothing I can do about it at the casino.

The event starts at 7pm but please arrive as early as possible as you will need to get membership at the door. It’s free and comes with no obligations. The casino simply get a few more official members and the possibility that when you next want to go to a casino, you’ll go to theirs.

We’ll be having dealer lead training at the tables by about 7:20pm, so if you’re new to Poker get along on time.

CONFIRMATIONS: If you received a members priority invitation and you clicked on “YES” you’ll be attending, then you are in. Consider yourself confirmed.

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Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – BACK ON – 14th October

Prepare to be vigorously Pokered. Ok, so now I can finally reveal that the PokerCoder event was postponed to allow CS4 to be released first. This means that you can all fight for brand new CS4 products if you get to the final table. With the tournament champion getting his/her choice of CS4 Creative Suites. How awesome is that!

Put October 14th in your diary. For all my regulars (could I sound more like a hooker?), those of you who meet Adobe’s fairly strict criteria should have already received an invite to the tournament. If you have attended before and you haven’t then email me and I’ll check it out.

If you’re new to PokerCoder events, then sign up quick. They’re free, you get to meet many talented peers, network and drink free beer. You will receive tutoring on how to play texas hold ’em poker (it’s very easy) and if you make it to the final table then you’ll get prizes to. Everyone enjoys the event. It’s very informal and it’s great to meet many of the people who’s blogs you read or who’s company you’d like to work for. It’s a chance to exchange ideas, talk to the sponsors about their software and play some damn fine poker

At PokerCoder careers are improved, friendships are forged, prizes are won, fun is had, beer is drunk, IQs are flexed and sheep are dressed in leather. Oh, no, actually that last one is a different event

The event is being held at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino off Edgware Rd. Check the site for directions and a map. If you attended the very first PokerCoder event last year then you’ll have already been to the casino and more importantly, you’ll already be a member.

IMPORTANT: I can’t stress this enough – When you come to the casino, if you are already a member then there should be no problem (bring your membership card, though you might get in without it), BUT if you are NOT a member, you WILL NEED PHOTO ID to get in. I can do nothing about it if you turn up without membership or photo ID, so don’t forget it (Passport or photo Driving Licence). The casino are very strict about this. If you want to know more then contact the Casino directly. Their phone number is on the PokerCoder event site under ‘LOCATION’.

See you all at the tournament. I’ll be the one NOT going out first this time.

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URGENT – Adobe London Poker Tournament IV – POSTPONED

Adobe have requested that we postpone the next PokerCoder tournament, scheduled for the 18th of this month. This is because Adobe have a business requirement which must now take president. We will be rescheduling the event for October and I will announce the date and venue as soon as I confirm it later in the week.

Stand by for poker.

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Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament IV

ALPT 4 is coming on the 18th September at the Grosvenor Victoria casino off Edgware Rd. We will be open for registration in a few days time, so clear your diary for free networking, drinking and gambling.

If you are a member of the Grosvenor chain of casinos entry will be easy, if not then you MUST remember to bring photo ID. I will be constantly reminding you all of this between now and the event. No membership or photo ID, no entry.

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Adobe London Poker Tournament III – RESULTS

The results are in and so are the photos. The event went even beter than last time, with a larger turn out again. Adobe did quite well, outlasting me anyway, but unlike last time they didn’t make it to the final table. I got lots of very positive feedback from the players. Everyone seemed to enjoy this one even more than the previous ones, which is great for everyone (it means the next event will be even more subscribed). Not really surprising when you consider that for no more than a train fare you get free beer, free event, free poker tuition and big Adobe software prizes, tickets to Max in Milan, the tournament champion’s bracelet and to socialise and network with some amazingly well known and talented peers. Read more

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Adobe London Poker Tournament III registration closing this weekend

Last chance folks. The 3rd Adobe sponsored PokerCoder London Poker Tournament literally only has a few places left, so if you want to play or learn poker and have a chance of winning some great prizes then go to and sign up now. It’s all free as usual, but if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

Who : Adobe software web professional only
: Tuesday 27th May at 7pm sharp
Where : Loose Cannon Poker Club
Prizes : Adobe software, tickets to Max in Italy and the coveted ALPT winners bracelet. Also winners and losers Ts and boobie prizes.

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Adobe London Poker Tournament 3 – Register now!

Is it that time again already? Feels like only yesterday I was announcing ALPT 2. Roll up, roll up, the third Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament is happening at the Loose Cannon club in Allhallows Lane EC4 on the 27th May. The nearest tube is Cannon Street on the District and Circle lines. The event is FREE to all Adobe professional software users and Adobe are providing all the beer and prizes, so go and sign up now. Read more

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Adobe Poker Tournament 2 – RESULTS

Well the results are in and so are the photos. The event went superbly. Everyone seemed to be very excited to be there (more so after a few free drinks). I went out half way through, but both Robin and Ethan from Adobe made it through to the final table, so fueling the rigging accusation, which was evident by the huge stack of chips that Robin had 😉 Naturally, they both donated the winnings to needy developers and designers. Ethan said he’ll post his chosen recipient on his blog shortly.The event was held at the Loose Cannon Poker Club near Cannon Street. I suspect some people had trouble finding the place (if you were one of those please let me know so I can address that next time). Read more

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IMPORTANT – Adobe poker tourny registration issue

Hi all,

Anyone who is getting the ”Database communication failure” error, please email me your:

– full name
– email address
– years playing poker
– Adobe software used
– Job title
– Address, Town and post code

and I’ll manually add you all until we resolve this error. Rest assured, we are looking into it. My email address is

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