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London Flash Developers and Designers Group meeting tomorrow night

I know this is a little off the radar of Poker, but Iain Lobb, one of our regulars and a top industry Flash games designer and developer, will be talking on designing and creating Flash games in all their glory at the LFDD group meeting tomorrow night, so if you are a budding games designer or developer then go along to the LFDD meetup site and sign up to come along. I know I’ll be there πŸ™‚

More details on the Logic Bureau blog

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Adobe London PokerTournament VI – the RESULTS

The event went very well as usual. I possibly drank a teensy weensy bit more than I should have, but I blame the the clubs new batch of beautiful Eastern European waitresses, who kept plying me with JD’s. I thought it was just me, but apparently Dr Love was as bad. Of course the difference in age showed the next morning with me having the hangover from hell and Dr Love just feeling like he was still a bit drunk – grrrr.

On a celebrity note, John Davey (the founder / organiser of Flash on the Beach) was there to show his support and he’s given us 2 tickets to FotB to give away and some exclusive FotB Tshirts, which won’t be available until Fotb on the 20th but some of you lucky winners will get yours in the post in the next week πŸ˜€

The Adobe support was great as usual with Gemma and Andrew in great form. Our thanks to Robin Charney from Adobe who couldn’t be there on the night but who gave us the greatest box of crap I’ve seen from Adobe in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a critisism. On the contrary, the crap-in-a-box that we get at every event is for our first 10 losers as booby prizes and there is some truley collectible Adobe schwag in there (way more interesting that the winner’s prizes πŸ˜‰ ).

True to form, I sat down at my chosen table last, having finished my announcements and introductions. The people at my table gave a collective sigh. Not one of admiration, but one of “oh God, he’s the organiser. He’s going to kick our asses”. I calmly advised them that this was never the case, with smile that said ‘see you on the final table sucker’. Then I promptly went out in joint 10th place. No. Not 10th in the tournament. I was the 10th person to get knocked out of the tournament and if it weren’t for the fact that I was joint 10th, I should have had to wear a Loser’s T shirt home πŸ™

But on to happier things. The Winners.

1. Nicolas Soucaille
2. Jens Meijer
3. Jolyon Russ
4. Romain Gemon
5. Jeremy Adrian Quinton
6. David Fowkes
7. Nigel Quashie
8. Thomas Vian
9. Andy Bryant (1st time at Pokercoder – a special well done)
10.Michael Potts

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FREE Tickets to Flash on the Beach !!!

Ok, be VERY fast! We have 2 tickets to give away to two of our members to Flash on the Beach. Very kindly donated by John Davey, FotB founder and organiser. As you probably already know Flash on the Beach is held in Brighton once a year and as the years go by the dates of the event get ever closer to it not being euphemistically named (in a couple more years we’ll actually be able to go onto the Beach). It is one of the best events of it’s kind in the world and if you want to be inspired, amazed, entertained, educated or network, it is a great event to attend, with some of the best speakers in the world at it.

So if you’re a PokerCoder member and you’re a developer or creative email us at and tell me why YOU deserve this ticket.

But remember it will be in YOUR name so it’s non transferable and you HAVE to let us know by 5pm tonight and you HAVE to be a PokerCoder member !!! I’ll let the winners know by email tomorrow.

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Adobe London Poker Tournment VI – Registration now CLOSED

Thank you all for registering. For those of you with outstanding questions against your entries, please reply to me asap. I look forward to seeing you all tonight πŸ˜€

We kick off at 7pm sharp. If you’re not sitting at your table by 7:15 then you’re going to miss the start of the tournament. If your name is not on the list in the previous post (below), you’re not coming in.

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Augmented Reality Card Magic

Those of you who know me will know I dabble in magic, I am a Flash developer by trade and of course I run PokerCoder so it’s only natural that I’d have an interest in card magic that used Flash augmented reality. But there isn’t any, right? Wrong. Check out Marco Tempest.

And keep an eye out for a Flash card magic video I’ll be releasing soon to πŸ˜‰ – no augmented reality though πŸ™

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Follow our Twitter (or help us fix our mail)

No inane celebration of mediocrity. Just quick sharp facts about events, notifications, prizes, offers, benefits to you and the odd bit of begging for feedback or opinions on how we can improve your PokerCoder experience.

We have been having the problem that our emails hit firewalls and Spam blockers long before everyone gets them, as all our emails contain the word ‘Poker’ a number of times and we send out hundreds at a time. This leads to problems with our members not getting their notifications about events or not getting their confirmations.

If any of our members who attend have expertise in email batching, your advise on fixing this would be massively appreciated!

But for now…click HERE, then login and follow the PokerCoder feed, or if you don’t already have a Twitter account, please set one up. It’s free and you don’t get any spam as notifications are sent to your twitter client, not your email address. And they are only the people you choose to follow…which will obviously only be PokerCoder πŸ˜‰

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Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament V – Feb 12th – REGISTRATION OPEN

Well you’ve waited patiently and here it is. The registration page for non members is now open, so if you want to join and attend THE Poker and Adobe Web Professional networking event then you’d better be ready. This time we’re extending the format a little as well. Adobe will have a number of experts on hand to demo and discuss Flash Catalyst (formerly known as Thermo) and Flex Builder 4. All new, shiny, exciting stuff.

The format, for those who don’t already know (though I can’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t by now) is that only the first 100 registrants get a place (and automatic membership of PokerCoder, and thus advanced notification of future events).

Adobe lay on all the prizes and the booze, so thanks to their generosity, the venue and the event are all free for all of those who qualify to get in.

The first 50 people through the door wil each get a tournament Tshirt. The first 10 people out will be publicly humiliated, have rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at them, be put in a stockade for the rest of the night and given a Loser’s Tshirt to wear. Well, you’ll get a Tshirt anyway.

The players making it to the final table (10 people) will each get a Winner’s Tshirt and software point product of their choice, and the over all tournament champion will get an Adobe Β Premium Suite of their choice (Design, Web or Production), the engraved Championship bracelet and most excitingly, a ticket to Flash on the Beach in Brighton in September.


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Adobe London Poker Tournament – Last Few Places

Roll up, roll up. But do it quick. We are just a few places away from being fully booked, so if you’d like the chance to come to the Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament next Tuesday then get over to the site and register straight away.

If we have any members who didn’t receive their Member’s Notification email then please email me ( and let me know. I suspect there may be an issue with the member’s notification system but it’s a difficult one to track down with out the members help.

A quick ‘hi’ to all those people I met at Flash on the Beach, though it was amazing to see just how many people either didn’t know about the PokerCoder events or who thought you had to know how to play poker to come along. I would ask you all, if you have a blog, then please blog on the event if you’ve attended. This brings more suckers in, uh, I mean, players, eh-hem, and encourages greater and continued sponsorship.

Also, if you’ve never played poker before then this event is specifically for you. We have the club instructed that most of our players are beginners. We have 15 minutes training at the beginning and easily 50% of the attendiees use that. Invariably the final table is full of beginners as anyone who has played before has already gone out as a direct result of trying to bluff a beginner. I know, I’m usually one of them. As I say, easily 50% of our players are beginners or complete novices, so come along and give it a go. It’s free, so is the beer and you get to meet truley nice people (players and sponsors)

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