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** PokerCoder 9 Announcement **


As many of you are aware, PokerCoder 9 (PC9) is well overdue. This was brought about by a combination of work loads on my part and economic pressures on Adobe’s part. I have had a number of you contacting me recently asking when PC9 would be and this prompted me to meet with Adobe last week to discuss the next event.

Adobe were quite clear on their position: The finance and the return on investment are no longer there for them. They have therefore declined to sponsor any further events directly. It is possible that they will give us some prizes but even that isn’t agreed at this point. So for the time being we will discount further Adobe involvement in PokerCoder.


This all ended very amicably and I should like to take the opportunity to thank the Adobe team, and Robin Charney in particular, for their sponsorship and support in running PokerCoder for the last couple of years. Without them, PokerCoder might never have gotten off the ground.


We have over 500 members in the PokerCoder community and we have around 100 people turn up to every event. Mostly because we can’t fit any more in and carry out the event in the time allotted. We share the common ground of being developers and designers in the Adobe software community and there is no reason that PokerCoder shouldn’t continue with a different, or multiple sponsors.

Indeed, Adobe’s criteria for PokerCoder membership has become very strict, in line with their sponsorship requirements and with this not being the case any more I will be able to open the membership criteria up a little more to include other development and creative categories. Additionally, Adobe were not in a position to offer things like cash tournaments or cash prizes and this will now also be an option.

There will be many new opportunities and we will be looking for new sponsorship from now on. Indeed, if any of you know of potential sponsors (the Sky guys have mentioned that Sky may be interested and Microsoft have also expressed an interest for example) then please contact me and let me know ( You won’t have to do any leg work. We’ll contact them directly. We’ll keep you updated as we get a short list.


I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you all that we DO NOT GIVE OUT OUR MEMBERS DETAILS to anyone who sponsors this event (so generally recruitment agents are not interested in sponsorship).


We are excited about the possibilities and the new directions we can now take PokerCoder in and we certainly welcome all and any suggestions regarding any element of what we do (or don’t do). Tell us if you like the venue, if you want different types of prizes, particular sponsors, something you’d like to see at the events, something you’d like to see less of at the events, etc.

Keep watching this space and don’t forget you can follow all the immediate updates by following our twitter feed (

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Adobe PokerCoder 8 – The Results

Firstly a ‘hooray’ to all those who came along. It was an excellent night and everyone seemed to really enjoy the poker, the company and of course the booze.

Now for a ‘boo’ to all those who didn’t turn up and didn’t bother to tell us. There are always a few who legitimately can’t make it at the last minute, but there were some 20 people who subscribed, didn’t turn up and didn’t bother letting us know (you know who you are). There were a lot of people I turned down entry to purely because we were over subscribed and more still on the standby list who really wanted to attend. Can I remind those who didn’t turn up and didn’t tell us, to show some consideration for others who would gladly take your place. In the future please let us know if you cannot attend. It only takes a quick email or a phone call.

So, on to the night. Well I started off well, winning a few carefully selected hands. Andy Hood was always drumming in to me that with so many beginners you have to play conservatively, don’t try to bluff and only represent the hands you actually have because beginners will bet on anything. I remembered this and started to pick up some chips. I was even smart enough to fold a pair of Aces on the turn when I read that the other player had a full house. One of the beginners was Drew (he runs the Adobe Flex London User Group). Having flopped quad Jacks in one hand and then quad Kings in the next he declared that he didn’t know what all the fuss was about winning a simple hand of poker. On his next hand I put him on a low pair on the flop, though his belligerent betting suggested otherwise. With a K+A in my hand and nothing on the flop I decided to bet hard and push him off the pot and I raised 1000 on the turn. That was my mistake. I knew I might get a K or an A on the river (not very likely as the river hates me) but I figured that betting hard against a novice with a stack of chips the size of a border collie would be enough to scare him off my bluff…you can see my mistake now can’t you. Oblivious to any unwritten rules, etiquette, statistics, game play or common sense, he went all in. Needless to say, I compounded my error by calling only to find out that I was right, he’d flopped a pair of 8s, the lowest pair on the table, but still better than my big fat A+K nothing. Damn my risk bias disposition and my insane need to try to bluff beginners!

So, the winners of last night’s toury were:

1. Karl Bunyan

PokerCoder 8 winner - Karl Bunyan

2. Katie Marcus (special mention as this was her first PokerCoder)

3. Paras Sheth

4. Alejandro Giraldo Nino

5. Robin Harrison

6. Kim Holland

7. Cinderella (you left the ball without giving me your name) – No prize for you then

8. Tom Vian

9. Oleg Filipchuk

10. Sebastian Kassier

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PokerCoder 8 – Tuesday July 13th

Yep, PokerCoder 8 is coming. Registration is now open. To be the first to hear announcements on the tournaments keep an eye on the PokerCoder twitter feed. Hurry, hurry, hurry, we sold out in about 5 days last time. #pokercoder

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Contract PHP Developer required for PokerCoder site

We’re looking for a top PHP developer to help us do some upgrades and improvements to the PokerCoder systems. This is a short term, fixed price piece of work (negotiable). It should be a walk in the park for a good PHP developer and we’re open to any booking system or user management suggestions or innovations you might make as well.

As this is being funded by Adobe this would go down on your CV as consulting for Adobe 🙂

In the first place please contact me at

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London Flash Developers and Designers Group meeting tomorrow night

I know this is a little off the radar of Poker, but Iain Lobb, one of our regulars and a top industry Flash games designer and developer, will be talking on designing and creating Flash games in all their glory at the LFDD group meeting tomorrow night, so if you are a budding games designer or developer then go along to the LFDD meetup site and sign up to come along. I know I’ll be there 🙂

More details on the Logic Bureau blog

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Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Think you’re good enough to take down the founder and organizer of PokerCoder? Think you’re good enough to win the 16GB iPod Nano that Logic Bureau have put up as the price on his head? This is his message to you!

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PRIZE ALERT: iPod Nano 16Gb for my scalp

I suppose I’ve just gotten tired of making the same old death threats to people who put me out, so I thought I’d make a karmic adjustment. Care of my company (Logic Bureau) I’m giving away a top of the range, brand new, 16Gb iPod Nano as a prize for whom ever manages the incredibly difficult task of putting me out of the competition on the 9th. It’ll even be engraved as such so you can taunt me with it at every event there after.

Anyone who’s been to the last 2 or 3 of these events will know that this prize could go before I even take my seat. So in many respects it’s a lottery to see if you’re at my table. However, I’m feeling good about this one. I’m not going out early this time and I think the idea of a shiny prize for knocking me out of the competition will make more of you play more loosely, giving me a better chance of making it past the first 10 out and winning one of my own Loser shirts 🙁

The new iPod Nano is a sexy little minx. Go check it out.

Bring it on suckers!

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PokerCoder 7 is here!!!!

Roll up, roll up. The log awaited Adobe sponsored London Poker Tournament, PokerCoder 7, is finally here and this time we’ve got a couple of special extras for you. The event is in 3 weeks time on Tuesday February 9th at our regular venue the Loose Cannon Poker Club in EC4. A short walk from Canon Street and Bank tube stations. Places are limited so be quick. Read more

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Adobe London PokerTournament VI – the RESULTS

The event went very well as usual. I possibly drank a teensy weensy bit more than I should have, but I blame the the clubs new batch of beautiful Eastern European waitresses, who kept plying me with JD’s. I thought it was just me, but apparently Dr Love was as bad. Of course the difference in age showed the next morning with me having the hangover from hell and Dr Love just feeling like he was still a bit drunk – grrrr.

On a celebrity note, John Davey (the founder / organiser of Flash on the Beach) was there to show his support and he’s given us 2 tickets to FotB to give away and some exclusive FotB Tshirts, which won’t be available until Fotb on the 20th but some of you lucky winners will get yours in the post in the next week 😀

The Adobe support was great as usual with Gemma and Andrew in great form. Our thanks to Robin Charney from Adobe who couldn’t be there on the night but who gave us the greatest box of crap I’ve seen from Adobe in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a critisism. On the contrary, the crap-in-a-box that we get at every event is for our first 10 losers as booby prizes and there is some truley collectible Adobe schwag in there (way more interesting that the winner’s prizes 😉 ).

True to form, I sat down at my chosen table last, having finished my announcements and introductions. The people at my table gave a collective sigh. Not one of admiration, but one of “oh God, he’s the organiser. He’s going to kick our asses”. I calmly advised them that this was never the case, with smile that said ‘see you on the final table sucker’. Then I promptly went out in joint 10th place. No. Not 10th in the tournament. I was the 10th person to get knocked out of the tournament and if it weren’t for the fact that I was joint 10th, I should have had to wear a Loser’s T shirt home 🙁

But on to happier things. The Winners.

1. Nicolas Soucaille
2. Jens Meijer
3. Jolyon Russ
4. Romain Gemon
5. Jeremy Adrian Quinton
6. David Fowkes
7. Nigel Quashie
8. Thomas Vian
9. Andy Bryant (1st time at Pokercoder – a special well done)
10.Michael Potts

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FREE Tickets to Flash on the Beach !!!

Ok, be VERY fast! We have 2 tickets to give away to two of our members to Flash on the Beach. Very kindly donated by John Davey, FotB founder and organiser. As you probably already know Flash on the Beach is held in Brighton once a year and as the years go by the dates of the event get ever closer to it not being euphemistically named (in a couple more years we’ll actually be able to go onto the Beach). It is one of the best events of it’s kind in the world and if you want to be inspired, amazed, entertained, educated or network, it is a great event to attend, with some of the best speakers in the world at it.

So if you’re a PokerCoder member and you’re a developer or creative email us at and tell me why YOU deserve this ticket.

But remember it will be in YOUR name so it’s non transferable and you HAVE to let us know by 5pm tonight and you HAVE to be a PokerCoder member !!! I’ll let the winners know by email tomorrow.

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